Useful Packaging Guidelines for International Courier

Useful Packaging Guidelines for International Courier

With AAA International Courier Company, sending Diwali gifts abroad is no longer a difficult task.

As Diwali is approaching, you must be busy preparing sweets. However, your loved ones will enjoy all delicacies here in India, but a few of your dear ones won't cherish these moments. We are sure, you will share this happiness through gifts. Therefore, you can send your gifts abroad by using AAA international couriers and cargo services.

The Need for a Reliable International courier partner 

You will agree that offshore parcel delivery needs a reliable courier partner as chances are high that your parcel may get delayed and your loved one may receive it after Diwali. Moreover, To avoid mishandling international couriers, you may look for a reliable partner online. 

Robust Packaging - The Most Ignored Aspect of International Parcels

It won't be wrong if we call it the most ignorant aspect. In most cases, people find a reliable courier service but forget to pack their articles appropriately. We are sharing useful packaging guidelines that will help you to avoid any kind of futuristic conflicts.

Do’s Before Proceeding with the Shipment of International Courier 

The following points will help you prepare before you proceed for International Courier:

  1. Each country publishes a list of prohibited items on its website. Make sure you always follow and check this list prior. This shall save you from last-moment disappointment.
  2. Keep a check on the size and weight limits of your package.
  3. Ensure that the package is suitably addressed and has the required information.
  4. Keep yourself updated with the complete delivery process during an international courier.
  5. Check whether the destination is easily accessible or not.

How to Package an International Parcel

Packaging is the most important aspect while sending an international courier. Kindly follow the below packaging guidelines for international couriers.

  • Choose the box’s size, strength, and shape according to the article you are sending in it.
  • Secure the items inside. For fragile items, wrap them carefully in bubble wrap before sealing the package.
  • For extra safety, always bubble wrap the package.
  • No string or paper overwrap should be used.
  • The package box should be clean and without any marks. Packages with extra markings, pointers or some past shipment markings will simply add to the confusion while delivery.
  • The packing should not bend easily.
  • The package should be sealed with solid tape.
  •  Place the items in order with heavier, sturdier items at the bottom.
  • Always avoid empty spaces within the box. You can fill these by adding packing material.

Precautions while Sending Heavy International Parcels 

If the weight of  international couriers is more than 32 kg, follow the below guidelines::

  • Boxes should be new, well-built and sewn.
  • The material should have padding. 
  • Sealing should be done with rock-solid tape to both the top and bottom halves. 
  • Individual things should be wrapped separately with enough padding material.

Point to Remember

Always remember to add the sender's and receiver's information inside the box too. In case the box gets damaged in transit, this information will be useful. 

Trust AAA International Couriers and Cargo Service  

If you are planning to send a package abroad and looking for International Courier Services. You can always rely on AAA International Courier and Cargo services. We provide world-class services at the most pocket-friendly prices. Contact us for more details.


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