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Safe & Secure: The Comprehensive Guide to Sending Couriers to the USA

There is a set of dos and don'ts while dispatching a Courier to USA from Delhi. AAA International Courier is providing a guide that can save your time and ensure your courier is safely delivered to the USA without getting stuck at customs regulations.

Sending courier to USA: Dos and Don'ts to Remember

● It is important to consider public holidays and non-working days falling between dispatch and final delivery of your parcel. Therefore, whenever you plan a dispatch, make sure you book it ahead of time.
● Always check beforehand whether your selected international courier company provides pick-up and drop-off services.
● It's preferable to book your parcel in advance. This helps in scheduling the pick-up of the parcel on time.
● Always check the allowed dimensions regulations prior to dispatching the parcel. We recommend you to get the weight and dimensions checked before. Parcel dimensions and weight add to the shipping cost. So 

if you are dispatching a small parcel, try to pack it in an appropriate size box. Moreover, many international courier companies do not allow parcels beyond a fixed size and weight. Therefore, prior coordination with the international courier company will save both your cost and time.

● Double-check before packing your item. Is your dispatched article forbidden in the USA? If so, then discard it. If it's still dispatched, then customs will not let your parcel be delivered to the destination country.
● Often, shippers reuse the same boxes. Excessive usage takes a toll on the quality of the box. Therefore, try to use a fresh box for packaging.
● If you are dispatching more items to one destination, then do not put them loose in the box. Instead, pack them separately and place them later in a box. Use fillers or packing peanuts for cushioning.
● Double-check the address and spellings while dispatching a courier to the USA. The USA follows ‘US English’ so write your address in US English instead of British English.

This information will help you have a stress-free courier dispatch experience. We understand how bad it feels when receivers find their parcel in bad condition. To deliver your items to your loved ones, our company always ensures to guide you and personally checks the quality of packaging. We aim to deliver international courier service from India to USA on time as we know it is not always a fancy item. Many customers dispatch important documents, medicines, and frozen items.

USA, which are equally important to deliver safely to their dear ones. Therefore, our trained courier staff ensure to educate our customers.


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