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How to Send Medicines through International Courier

Do you want to send the necessary medicines to your family members who are living abroad? Every year several family members and friends dispatch essential medicines outside India through international couriers.

If you are sending medicines outside India for the first time, then you need to rest assured that several NRIs prefer getting their necessary medicines from India regularly. However, below taking you through the guide on medicine dispatch to foreign countries, let us understand the challenges involved in sending medicines to foreign countries.

Challenges in Sending Medicines to a Foreign Country

You cannot send medicines to foreign countries like any other articles. The drug you are sending to another country should have approval from that country’s Health care department. It should be approved and allowed in that nation. 

Each nation wishes to maintain the safe consumption of drugs. Therefore, every country has its own pre-set standards regarding the acceptance of medicines from other nations. For instance, in the USA, if the FDA does not approve any medicine, then you are not allowed to receive it from a foreign country.

So, our advice will be to check the rules of the receiver country prior to sending the medicine there. It will save you from any futuristic rejection and legal issues.

Choosing the Experienced International Courier Services for Delivery of Medicines.

You need to choose an experienced international courier partner for the delivery of medicines. Such service providers can make your overall experience easy. They can guide you about the receiver country’s rules, which will help you to save from parcel rejection and avoid unnecessary cost expenses as well. 

Maintenance of Temperature

Temperature plays an integral role in the safe delivery of medicines. Frequent changes in temperature can affect the medicine quality. Therefore, while sending medicines abroad, you need to use insulated packaging. This will control the medicine from outside temperature fluctuations.

Packaging of Liquid Medicines

If you are sending liquid medicines like syrups, then you need to pack them in spill-proof packaging. You can cover it tightly with a liquid absorbent sheet or pack it in a tight container. 

Online Tracking of your Parcel

If you think once the medicines are submitted at the courier office, you are free from your responsibility, then it is not the case. You need to track the medicines, and if you find any unnecessary delay at some location. You can bring it to the courier company.

Required Documents that will be Submitted with Medicines

●    A copy of the Doctor's prescription
●    Name of Recipient
●    Recipient Information- Phone Number, Address
●    Name of the Drugs
●    Address of Drug Manufacturer
●    Form of medicine (liquid, capsule, or tablet)

Details of Medicine

●    Dosage
●    Dosage strength
●    Treatment of the medical condition
●    Copy of passport
●    Type of packaging

We hope this guide will help you in the international shipping of medicines. If you wish to know more about medicine dispatch or our other international courier services, you can reach us here.


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