Get Familiar with Different Types of International Shipping Services

Get Familiar with Different Types of International Shipping

International shipping is the backbone of today’s global market space. Still, many users have little information regarding different types of International Shipping Services. If you have a business or you send gifts to your distant relatives, in all cases, complete knowledge about international shipping services and how international courier services keep an upper edge over them is essential. 

Different Types of International Shipping Services

Let’s explore different types of international shipping services in detail.  

  1. Ocean Freight Service:

Ocean freight is the mostly used method for international shipping. Data suggests that more than 80% of the world’s trade is done through the ocean. While transporting heavy and bulky cargo sea freight is assumed as an economical method over air and road freight. Heavy machinery, coal, crude oil, petroleum, or agri-products - all heavy products are shipped through the ocean. 

Benefits of using Ocean Freight Services:

  • Extensive coverage.
  • Easy to carry large volumes of cargo.
  • Environmental friendly method among all the services.

The disadvantage of using Ocean Freight Services 

  • Time-consuming method
  1. Air Freight Service:

This is the second most popular method of international shipping. Mainly retail industry and household users use this method for delivery of their offshore parcels. 

The Air freight services are expected to grow 376.8 billion by 2027. Air freight is mostly utilized for international shipping of medicines, gifts, documents, perishable goods like food items or flowers, vegetables and high-value consumer products like electronics. 

Benefits of using Air Freight Services:

  • Faster delivery due to less transit time.
  • Minimal documentation process.
  • Enhanced security for the cargo.

The disadvantage of using Air Freight Services:

  • Costly among all international shipping methods
  1. Land Freight

Cross-border international shipping over land involves the use of trucks to transit parcels and load across long distances and landlocked countries.

Benefits of using Land Freight Services:

  • A better option to send large commercial shipments.
  • Costs less comparative to Air freight.

The disadvantage of Land Freight:

  • Time Consuming.
  • Limited reach comparatively to other two methods.
  • Extra documentation

Recommended International Shipping Method: Courier Services

Sending out smaller international packages or pressed out for time and money - Courier services are the most appropriate international shipping option. International shipping provides door-to-door and last-mile deliveries options. Moreover, private couriers often use their own networks and logistics systems that makes international shipping of parcels easy.

So, if next time you wish to dispatch any small or big international parcel, contact us. We will make sure you get best pricing along with safe delivery of your offshore parcels.


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