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Do You Want to Courier Food Items Abroad?

As the New year is around, you must be exploring ways to courier food items abroad. Sometimes you prepare their favorite delicacies and courier it with love, but due to inappropriate packaging and instructions these food items perish during transit. 

We understand that nothing can beat homemade sweets and pickles, as these items make people nostalgic. Therefore, if you are exploring options to courier food items outside India, this blog is for you. We will highlight the dos and don’ts that ensure that the food reaches in

safe-to-consume condition at its destination.

Packaging of your Food Item

  • Always choose the right packaging material while shipping food items internationally. It will work as the first line of defense to ensure your food doesn’t spill out during shipping. 
  • The airtight seal is an ideal choice while shipping food outside India. The plastic wrap will keep the freshness of baked items intact.
  • Remember how Amazon packs delicate items!!! Same way, pad, and pack food items to minimize movement. Fill extra space with bubble wrap. It will avoid crumbling cookies, fruits, etc.

Cold Storage

  • Consider refrigeration and insulation in the case of perishable goods. Like many Bengali families ship rasgullas abroad during Durga Pooja. So proper refrigeration can save from creating an unwanted mess.
  • Use proper insulation material for shipping seafood and ice creams. Sturdy-form containers can be a good option while shipping ice cream abroad.
  • Pack easy-to-melt items in watertight plastic. Separate them with plastic liners to avoid sogginess.
  • Try dry ice or gel packs to keep products frozen and keep food temperature between 32°F - 60°F.
  • Avoid keeping perishable items in longer than 2 hours in the danger zone. Pathogenic bacteria can grow and spoil food.

Additional Tip on Dry Ice Handling

Dry ice needs careful handling as it can be a volatile substance if handled inaccurately. Therefore, always follow the proper safety precautions:

  • Wear gloves and goggles while handling dry ice.
  • Label your package appropriately.
  • Always check the shipping regulations beforehand.

Shipping Homemade Food Items Abroad

Shipping homemade food items are considered differently. Most homemade food and baked items come under the perishable food items category. Perishable items deteriorate quickly due to environmental factors. Milk, poultry, and meat items fall under the perishable category.

Things to consider while shipping homemade food abroad:

  • Consider airtight sealing and plastic wrapping for perishable goods.
  • Mention the list of ingredients used in the food item on the parcel.
  • Always check that the country you are shipping to has not categorized the food item as prohibited or restricted.

Shipping of Store-Bought Food Items Store

Store-bought food items like malala, ready-to-eat packets, and spices are easier to ship

abroad. Follow the below-mentioned factors before shipping store-bought food abroad:

  • Remember to seal the item properly.
  • The shelf life of the item should be more than six months from the date of shipping.
  • The ingredients list must be given on the food label.
  • Always check whether the country allows such food items.

Planning to Ship Food Items from Gurgaon to Abroad?

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