International FedEx Courier Services in Delhi

Dealing with Stolen Packages? FedEx Has You Covered!

It's a sunlit day in Delhi, and the excitement of receiving a package is palpable. However, the gut-wrenching feeling of realizing that your package has been stolen is a situation we all dread. But, thanks to top FedEx Courier Services in Delhi, you have the perfect remedy!

Act Swiftly with FedEx's Easy Claims

If you're missing a package, the first step is to file a claim. FedEx's seamless claim process ensures you can promptly submit all essential details. It even allows you to keep a tab on your claim status online.
Quite convenient, right?

Here's your mini-guide on reporting package theft with FedEx:


Keep your tracking info and shipping receipts handy. However, remember to initiate your claim right away, even if you're gathering additional proof about the value of the missing item(s). You can always supplement your claim with more details later.

Timeliness Matters

For packages within the U.S., ensure you file a claim within 60 calendar days from the shipment date. As for international ones—like those via FedEx International Courier Services in Delhi—you've got a window of 21 calendar days.

Details, Details, Details

When it comes to missing items, specifics can make all the difference. Whether it's the brand name, size, product details, or quantity, the more information you provide, the better.

Keeping Your Packages Safe with FedEx

With the spike in online shopping, "Someone stole my package!" is unfortunately becoming a common exclamation. But, with a little help from your friendly FedEx Courier near me, you can ensure your parcels are safe.

Three pro tips to guard your packages:

Neighborhood Pickup Points

Redirect your shipments to a nearby retail spot. Places like Walgreens, FedEx Office, and select Dollar General stores are some convenient options.

Specific Delivery Instructions

Inform the driver where you prefer the package to be dropped - whether it's your front door, garage, or side entrance. While the driver will consider safety and other aspects, this tip can help in many cases.

Package Holds

Heading out of town? No worries! FedEx can hold onto your deliveries for up to two weeks, ensuring your packages are there when you return.

Your Reliable Courier Partner in Delhi

When it comes to International FedEx Courier Services, residents of Delhi know they're in safe hands with FedEx. So, the next time you're hunting for "FedEx courier services near me," remember AAA International Courier is your one-stop shop for all FedEx-related needs. Reach out today and experience seamless courier services!

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