International Parcel Delivery

Common Customer Queries Regarding International Parcel Delivery

The market is full of international courier services. Different companies provide different types of international courier services like express, lite, cargo, shipping etc. Diverse types of services confuse customers, and many times they get clueless to select the right parcel delivery service for themself and their customers. 

This blog will answer most of your questions regarding international parcel delivery services.

How Fast do you Want Parcel to Deliver?
If you are into business, then you will agree that customer satisfaction is the goal of every business. Each company that deals in online commerce, aims to adhere to SLA guidelines. In today's on-demand economy, not every product strives for similar delivery deadlines.
Therefore, when you shortlist an international courier partner for shipping your product to your offshore clients, you need to check the speed of delivery and its impact on prices. For instance, cargo shipping is cheaper but takes a longer time to deliver, the same way flight or express mode will provide prompt delivery, and at the same time, it will hike the rates of the courier.

How Fragile is your Parcel? 

The safety of parcels is incredibly important for international parcels. Unlike domestic parcels, you can not provide replacement on priority. Therefore, you need to check the testimonial and international courier companies’ packing practices. This will ensure the safety of your parcel.

Is the Weight of your Parcel Too High?

There is a weight restriction on air couriers. Many times, b2b clients dispatch heavy machinery to offshore clients. Due to the heavyweight restrictions, it becomes difficult to ship it through express mode. Therefore, many cargo ships transport heavy parcels to international borders. So before booking the parcel, make sure to take the weight guidelines into consideration as well.

Online Tracking of Parcel

Not every international company provides real-time tracking of parcels. There are certain companies that provide real-time condition information too. You can track weather conditions, major milestones, and distance from the destination as well.

Delivery of Parcel at Doorstep

Many cargo companies provide doorstep companies, whereas in some cases customers must pick up parcels from the local office. Therefore, while booking an offshore parcel delivery, always check the delivery facilities.

Customer Care Services

Although many international courier companies provide real-time tracking, still sometimes have to contact customer service personnel for more in-depth information. So, while booking an international parcel, always make sure to ask about the responsiveness of the customer service staff.

We hope the above information will help you to select the best international courier service partner for your business.

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