International Parcel Delivery Service

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Every year millions of Delhi residents send gifts, clothes, books, and utensils to their dear ones living abroad. But how will you choose an ideal parcel delivery service provider? Here is one checklist that you need to check before selecting your international parcel courier service company.

Delivery Service

It is not possible that every international courier service company may have served in a particular country of your choice. So it is always advisable to ask them first. Many times some courier firms take orders and further book parcel delivery to other international service providers. Therefore, it is better to enquire about this first-hand rather than feel bad later.


You need to compare quotes from international parcel delivery providers. The shipping cost changes with the selection of the mode of transportation. For instance, customers who are looking for fast International delivery services. They can opt for an air parcel delivery method.  Air parcel delivery method is costlier than road or sea-based modes of transportation. So customers need to check the cost factor of various service providers.

Time Duration

If you are dispatching any perishable item, it is better to check the transit time impact on the parcel. The transit duration changes with the shipping method. So it is always advisable to enquire about the transit time while booking an International parcel delivery service in Delhi.

Customer Reviews

Customer reviews is a significant indicator of the service standards of any international parcel delivery service provider. So when choosing an International parcel delivery service company, always check the online reviews of old customers.

Real-Time Tracking

Real-time tracking provides much-needed visibility into the system. While choosing an international parcel delivery service partner, always ask for a real-time tracking feature from the service staff.

We hope the above information will help you to choose the best International parcel delivery service provider. AAA international courier is a trusted international courier service company that believes in making safe and timely delivery of parcels.

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